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yes, it's that time of year

Hello all -- former SJU resident here (last year), and I'm looking to sublease my room for the summer.

☼ 511 Quiet Place, Unit #3, about 15-20min walk to campus
☼ It's close to the Albert Street plaza; Dollarstore, Ferah Foods, Shoppers Drugmart, Beer Store, etc.
☼ Nice location with lots of trees
☼ Rent is only $312... and plus utilities, it STILL does not even come to $400 a month.. WOW
☼ One of our housemates will still be living there, her name is Wanda; she'll be there until around July
☼ Individual heating in each room (so preferablly looking for females who want to sublease)
☼ Three rooms upstairs in all, and then the basement was also converted to a room
☼ Four bathrooms; one main floor, one master bedroom, one in basement, and a main bathroom/shower upstairs

My Room/General House
- good sized window
- good sized room; medium (I was able to fit my bed, keyboard, dresser, and computer desk all in and, yes, I still have room to move around)
- good sized closet; two door, top shelf and room to store things in the bottom
- wireless internet
- laundry on site in basement; washer and dryer

Although I would prefer to sublease to someone I know, I can depend on SJU folks; thems good people.
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