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Second post =)

Okay potential future friends, it's time to learn a bit! State your year, program, whether or not you live in residence, and what you plan on doing in the future with your degree!

I'm not officially a student yet, but it's possible so I'll start.

Future first year.
Sexuality, Marriage and Family Studies.
I'll live on residence for first year, at least.
I plan on getting a Master's in Couple and Family Therapy at Guelph and with that I would go into the following fields: couple, family, and sex therapy; sexual health education (constructing programs and going around to different high schools and post secondary schools to teach it); and lastly, doing some college teaching and adult seminars.

Now you go!

:D Keep this community alive!
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I'm in 3A Operations Research Co-op (its offered through Math).

Lived in Rez for years 1 and 2...

I have no future plans.
I should add that my name is Chris and I do a lot of things on campus... and I mean a lot of things...
Ahahahah I love that you have to future plans!

And hi Chris! I'm Nicole and I probably won't do much on campus, lol. What do you do?
A lot for the federation of students,

They are the student union for all of UW - I do lots
Well then. That must be a handful.
Look at you go! Good questions! If you end up coming to SJ, would you like to help maintain this community? You're keeping it much more active than I ever did.

But anyways, My name's Kate.
I'm studying English Rhetoric and Professional Writing with a minor in Psych.
I'm in my 2A work term (So I'll be finishing my second year in the summer)
I lived in rez last year, but still visit semi-frequently.
When I graduate (and during my work terms) I'm hoping to get into marketing and advertising, although I took a class in arts writing and loved it so I might be changing my plans.

Your plans sound amazing. God knows people (and high schools in particular) could stand to learn a little more about sex and sexuality.
Hah! Sure I'll help maintain. I'm still iffy about the whole thing though. If I go there then I won't be able to move in with my boyfriend for a really long time. Blah blah blah. Although, I've already found potential roomies! They go to Laurier and it's so close anyways and it's cheaper than res. I'm babbling.

And thank you. I'm really passionate about getting the, at least, basic information out because the majority of people are just clueless.

For marketing and advertising, will you go to college or something? Or just go straight into it?
That's awesome about the roommate thing! I can understand you being really conflicted, especially with the threat of a long-distance relationship in the mix...but in the end I'd say it's more about being in a program you want. Does York have SMF?

I decided to come here for professional writing (instead of going anywhere else for creative writing) because there are a lot of classes focussed completely on advertising and communications. Hopefully that and the experience of co-op will be enough, but I don't know. I really don't want to end up being in academics forever.
The only reason why I applied there is because of the program and how it exactly outlines what I want. If they didn't have this program I'd be going to York for sure.

Yeah, sounds like me. Why don't they have this (these) program(s) anywhere else?!
It really is an amazing school and I'm glad I'm here...even though I kind of feel like a fish out of water surrounded by engineers, hahaha.

Why York, though? I get the appeal of going to school in Toronto, but Ryerson and U of T are at least downtown...and with a much more active arts department.


10 years ago

In between 2B and 3A Computational Mathematics Co-op with Earth and Space Option (possibly with a minor in Computer Science), currently on workterm doing software development. I lived in res for my first three terms of school.

Not 100% sure where I want to go with it, but current plans are probably to go to grad school either at Waterloo, Toronto, or somewhere in the states for my program, with the ultimate goal of being hired by NASA, the CSA, or the ESA.
You must be extremely smart. Teach me! =P

Anyways, I hope you fulfill your goals.
It sounds a hell of a lot more impressive than it actually is. I just took the program that would take the longest to say :P.

Really, my goals are up in the air right now. The grad school thing is something I've only been thinking about for the last couple of days ...
psh! Longest to say? Try 'Honours English Rhetoric and Professional Writing, co-op program, psychology minor'. Point: Kate.

Although yours really does sound shnazzier.
Honours English Rhetoric and Professional Writing, co-op program, psychology minor
Honours Computational Mathematics, co-op program, Earth and Space option, computer science minor

Point: Jon


10 years ago

Hahahaha. Well you got some time to think about it! =)
What the hell!

I'm in 2B. I'm an English - RPW major and I've never lived in residence or wanted to. (I live at home in Waterloo, so it didn't make sense to pay for residence. Plus, the idea of moving in with people I don't know grosses me out of my mind. The lack of privacy and security aren't worth it, IMO, and if I were you I'd go to York to avoid living in residence.)

Future-wise, I have no idea. I'd like to go to grad school and maybe be a prof and a writer but I change my mind about that all the time.
What the hell what??

K that's one of the things that's pushing me towards going to York. Erm. So confused.
What the hell, why not fill out the silly questionnaire.

I don't know. Most people love residence, so I think it just depends on the person and whether you'd hate or love semi-communal living and being around people all the time.
I've actually found some roomies so I wouldn't have to live on residence. I don't know how long they'll consider me for though...
If you go to York, you'll love it. If you come here, you'll love it. Honestly, most places you might go you'll love, and its hard to tell which one is the best since when you choose one you do so at the forfeit of a chance at the others, which makes this a hard decision which is really made only harder by outside pressure. Just tour the campuses, look at the layout, the size, the atmosphere, the facilities, the locale, just don't listen to people from one or the other, it really only makes things harder. But whatever your decision, I can tell you that you won't regret it.

That being said, come to St. Jerome's, don't go to York.
Hahaha, yeah my good friend (who goes to York) was trying to scare me out of going to SJ so I've had the experience from both sides. But yeah, I'll be going on SJ's tour March 13 and York's is sometime in March as well.
Hmm, you should try to tour here on March 17th, then you'd REALLY see this res for what it is... Oh what a glorious day that will be.

Re: Of the conundrum


10 years ago

Re: Of the conundrum


10 years ago

Lets see, my name is Ryan Maloney. I am currently living at SJ for my second year, I am in Arts, majoring in English eventually (heavy on the eventually). Of plans I have none. Or too many. Either or, nothing solid and concrete, and that's the way I plan to keep it for a long time. I'm in my fourth semester here at the university. Although what year I am really in is up to much debate due to my horrible work habits and overall apathetic approach to school work.

Just out of curiosity, how old are you? I'm sure you said that somewhere I am just too lazy to look. Anyways, I think that's covered all your questions. Back to studying some good ol' social and cultural anthropology.
Hi Ryan! I'm lazy too. *thumbs up*

I'm 18. I graduated last June but I needed to go back to HS for another semester for some more U courses and I'm very glad I did because I smarten up a lot over the summer in regard to my work habits and actually trying. From now until September I'm doing nothing, hahaha. Well I'll find a job soon.

And bah! I hate anthro. *shakes fist*